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For the performing drummer - this downloadable tutorial features over 160 pages of text and exercises that teach you how to read music and process rhythm charts. Includes recordings of all exercises and solos. For more information, including testimonials and free downloads, go to

Timothy Horne

Hello Drummers- Just wanted to share with you something I recently found.... I've been playing drums for about 20 years. I've been in a Rock band when I was younger, a Contemporary Christian band when I was.... not-so-younger... & now I'm in a 30 piece orchestra....

One thing I believe about music, you never get so good that you can't get better... So, I have several books, video's etc of how to improve drum technique, drum style, etc... I bought a book & set of 3 CD's called "the Starting Line." This is by far the easiest to understand, best written, and most beneficial tool I've ever found for sharpening drum skills/techniques...

It covers everything, (I haven't played by music reading for the past 20 years, but it even teaches how to read music!) And even I understand it... (trust me... that's saying a lot!)

Camp Kirkland

"The Starting Line" is a radically new approach to developing playing and reading techniques for drummers. Bruce Gust has thought through this process carefully and from his years of teaching experience has provided this guide for the amateur drummer that will move the player forward rapidly and painlessly. Many of the traditional approaches to percussion techniques are present but judiciously masked in order for the amateur to grasp the concepts for playing drum set more quickly. This book is a must for anyone who does not have the time to pursue the years of percussion study that many would deem necessary. There are so many drummers out there who just want to play better now. This is not an instant fix but is a significantly more palatable approach to aid the infrequent player. 

The solos that you see listed in the jukebox above represent a portion of the "Starting Line" curriculum. The idea is to teach basic technique and rhythmic notation including cut time, 6/8 and dynamics and then segue immediately into the drumset where this knowledge is now applied in the context of several solos that incorporate different grooves and fills. At the end of the book, some of these same solos are presented as rhythm charts so the student is able to more easily make the transition from a method book to real world performance.

Each solo is named after one of the students that I was teaching at the the book was written. Along with the demo track, a "performance" track is included that allows the student to play along with the percussion loop minus the drums so the only drummer that they're hearing is themselves.

I've used this approach with great success with all my students. It's a great starting point that gets them familiar with basic theory in the context of the drumset. I think you'll enjoy it, whether you're a student or an instructor looking for an effective curriculum.

Also available as a hardcopy!

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