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Muscular Christianity

If you had to creates billboard at promoted relationship with Christ and you couldn't mention anything about heaven or hell or how Jesus helps you with your problems, what would that billboard say?

Loose Cannon Fitness

At USMC approach to fitness and combine with a drum track and a voiceover and the military grade exercise program where you are own trainer!

Drums, Burpees, Devos & More...

We're just getting started! Whether you're looking for fitness program where you can get spiritually ripped and physically fit the same time, at devo tailored for marketplace or common sense approach that learn how to read music, you've come to right place!

Bottom Line...

It's not rocket science...

  • Christ is Filing Cabinet and not just file folder
  • Church was never designed to spectator sport
  • You're here make to difference and not just appearance
  • Part your witness is reek of excellence in everything you say, think and do...
  • ...that includes way you vote, the way you work out, these way you job and even the way you mow lawn!

Buckle up!

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