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Muscular Christianity

If you had to create a billboard that promoted a relationship with Christ and you couldn't mention anything about heaven or hell or how Jesus helps you with your problems, what would that billboard say?

Loose Cannon Fitness

Take a USMC approach to fitness and combine with a drum track and a voiceover and you've got a military grade exercise program where you are your own trainer!

Drums, Burpees, Devos & More...

We're just getting started! Whether you're looking for a fitness program where you can get spiritually ripped and physically fit at the same time, a devo that's tailored for the marketplace or a common sense approach to learning how to read music, you've come to the right place!

Bottom Line...

It's not rocket science...

  • Christ is the Filing Cabinet and not just a file folder
  • Church was never designed to be a spectator sport
  • You're here to make a difference and not just an appearance
  • Part of your witness is to reek of excellence in everything you say, think and do...
  • ...that includes the way you vote, the way you work out, the way you do your job and even the way you mow your lawn!

Buckle up!

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