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There's No Such Thing as the Separation of Church and State

There's no such thing as the "separation of church and state," at least not in the way that phrase is usually used today.

Every government that has ever been conceived by man is based on a theological premise of some kind in that it will structure its approach to legislation according to the way it defines a human being.

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You Can't Force Your Beliefs on Me

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In this episode we talk about how to dismantle one of the more common strategies used by people who don't have something to say as much as they've got something to hide.

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You have to check your logic at the door to believe in Evolution. Especially when you hear some of its more notable champions attempt to prove their point by saying it must've happened because, "...we're here."

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What's Your Point?

People who want to maintain themselves as their own bottom line subscribe to a philosphy that contradicts itself and ulitmately reveals them as individuals who believe that because they have the right to think for themselves, they can think in a way that has no regard for anyone other than themselves.

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The Media

Turning the other cheek is not a command to absorb the evil that is directed towards you. Rather, it's an admonishment to address it and reveal it for what it is.

In this episode of "Muscular Christianity," we're going to look at the three primary passages that would have us be complicit with the offenses and assaults that are directed towards us and see how they fall short of an interpretation based on the whole of God's Word.

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Turn the Other Cheek - How to do it Right (podcast)

Sanctified Violence - a "Muscular Christianity" blog piece about the way violence is sometimes used by God to defeat evil.

You Are Not a Doormat - sermon by Darren Whitehead at Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee

There's two articles out on are you'll want to look at if you're interested in digging a little deeper.

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That's Your Opinion | Part I
That's Your Opinion | Part II
Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

It's never about what's happening, it's what God is doing.

Just that little "tweak" in your disposition - just by reminding yourself that this day was planned and anticipated by your Heavenly Father before you were born - that can make a big difference in the way you look at everything from your calendar, to your inbox, to your bank statement.

You're not a victim.

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